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Product Description

Since ancient times Amber Tea has been used for its healing effects. Experts say it should be prepared from Baltic Amber as just Baltic amber has enough amber acid to create healing effects to the body.

Steps to prepare the amber tea at home:

1. Before using the amber pieces for the first time you should wash them. Do it with soft, clean, cold or lightly warm water then let the water drain.

2. Use some 5 grams/2 ounces of tiny pieces of the amber for one cup (up to 450 ml./15 fl. oz.) of water. Note: we recommend to use amber for tea made of tiny pieces because it has more surface for contact with water to let more acid be taken from the amber pieces.

3. Boil water. Put some amber in the cup and pour the water inside (water should be around 80 C/180 F

Another way is to put amber in a bowl which you are going to heat, pour hot, not boiling water (about 80 C/180 F), and keep it on a little fire (best would be candle fire) for 15-20 minutes.

4. You may put some honey or other herbs in as well.

You may use same amber pieces for 15-20 times - each time the amber effect is even greater. After that, you may take the amber and put it to direct sun light, to dry and recharge for few hours. After recharging, you may use the ambers again for 15-20 times. Overall, using this method (pouring water over amber pieces for 15-20 times and then holding in the sunlight) you can use the same amber pieces for 5-6 times.

If you have purchased new ambers for tea, you might use them together with the old ones.

What is the taste of Baltic amber tea?

Baltic Amber’s origin is similar to pine tree resin. If you would taste strong amber tea, you even would be able to feel a taste similar to pine resin. 

While Amber Tea has been drunk for centuries and many people have been drinking it all their lives, it is not a tea that you drink every day. Most people who drink Amber Tea for a long period of time will drink one cup every other day or some will drink one cup every third day.

What amber tea heals?

Baltic Amber tea has been used since ancient time for its believed properties as a natural energizer, strengthens immune system, cleanses body and restores its functions. Also amber acid softens the water, it becomes easier to absorb. Amber oil will dissolve into water and  is another substance that the Baltic people use as an antiseptic and to stimulate the immune system, Amber oil enhances effects from the acid and gives a subtle taste. You can drink this tea hot or cold whenever you want.

Note: the product weight is 50 g. The weight listed near the product (150 g.) is counted with packaging for sending to customers.

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  1. Like drinking the Sun 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Apr 2015

    I have only found amber tea locally at a Lithuanian restaurant but I loved it so much I had to get my own. This is the real deal and I'm so happy I bought two so I could have amber tea at work.



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