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Lithuanian food test: Kugelis and Cepelinai

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What do foreigners think about Lithuanian food - short video and experience of Fabian Sanchez trying Cepelinai and Kugelis:)

How does he feel about Cepelinai:

Let us see what is the Kugelis about:

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Baltic Value recommends: Onion Soup with Porcinis

New recipe is coming. Today we share the do it yourself Onion Soup with Porcinis. Let's go.In Lithuania we call it - Cibulynė su džiovintais baravykais [cibulyne su dziovintais baravykais].Get: 1-1/2 kilos of onions, 1 stalk of leeks, 1 liter beef stock, few dried porcinis, some thyme, some salt, some black pepper, few allspice bread, choice of [...]

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Recipe of national dish of Lithuania - Kugelis!

We all have food related memories. My probably biggest one is harvesting potatoes with my family at my aunts! What a celebration it was! All relatives came to help my mamas sisters family to take care of potatoes! Saturday was best time for all of us. Remember working hard in a big potato field  but [...]

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Glossary of Lithuanian Food

Please send us your inputs at: info@balticvalue.comAlus - beer. Lithuania has quite a few award-winning brewery brands (Švyturys, Utenos Alus, Kalnapilis, Volfas Engelman). The Northern part of Lithuania is also famous for its boutique famous for its boutique micro-breweries.Balandėliai – stuffed cabbage rolls. literally translated as "little pigeons". Balandėliai is ground meat filling wrapped in cabbage [...]

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Kugelis - the traditional recipe

We've been looking at various posts around on the traditional recipe for Lithuanian potato pudding, known as kugelis or bulviu plokštainis (literally "flat potato"). And let us share the steps of Jurate Krokys Stirbys from Philadelphia region.Kugelis By Krokys  5 lbs. Pennsylvania Butter Potatoes (Yukon Gold will do)2 cups scalded milk (scalding the milk helps to distribute the [...]

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How to peel a bag of potatoes in 50 seconds!

You love making your tasty potato dishes? Potato pancakes, Cepelinai, Kugelis (or thanks to our customers we know in some countries you call it Rappie Pie), Potato Dumplings... But you agree peeling the potatoes always takes so much time, isn't it?Make it fun - we share with you the video: how to peel 2-3 kilos of [...]

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Everything you should know about Lithuania - Guide to Lithuania

Whenever our customers ask about Baltic countries we always are happy to share more about Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.We've just noticed new, user friendly info graphic about Lithuania answering the questions about: getting to Lithuania, tasting Lithuanian cuisine, visiting heritage places.Enjoy the story!

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Aerosmith in Lithuania invited two local girls on stage to perform together

Do you like rock songs? We do. This is way yesterday we visited the "Aerosmith" live concert here in Vilnius.We truly enjoyed it!And let us share the small story about two Lithuanian girls joining "Aerosmith" on stage to perform the song "Crazy".The group came to Lithuania few days before the concert and walking through the [...]

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Scent of Lithuania - enjoy the amber, tree moss, cedar, sandalwood, bergamot, note of wild flower bouquet, ginger, raspberry, note of red berries, grapefruit

The Spring is a time of awaken nature, the trees, grass and shrubbery are getting green with blooming flowers all around. While walking around in the parks, forests, lanes we smile and enjoy the smell of fresh land. Inspired by the scent of nature we'd like to share with you the sensation of the perfume [...]

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Kaziuko muge, March 7, 8 and 9 in Vilnius - festival of handmade crafts and natural food

Next weekend, March 7, 8 and 9, Kaziuko Mugė will take place here in Vilnius. We already have a list of items people have asked us to try to find for them. If there is anything that you would like us to try to find for you at Kaziuko Mugė just contact us at and we will do [...]

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