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Scent of Lithuania - enjoy the amber, tree moss, cedar, sandalwood, bergamot, note of wild flower bouquet, ginger, raspberry, note of red berries, grapefruit

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The Spring is a time of awaken nature, the trees, grass and shrubbery are getting green with blooming flowers all around. While walking around in the parks, forests, lanes we smile and enjoy the smell of fresh land. Inspired by the scent of nature we'd like to share with you the sensation of the perfume "Scent of Lithuania":

"Scent is a strong emotional factor which invokes memories and associations. Therefore, there are no bad or good scents until the moment we grant them a meaning and relate them to our experiences. Our memory can preserve separate scents or their combinations and sequences. Most people can recall the scent of their childhood, homeland, heroic adventures or first love. Scents can remind us of the countries we have visited, the people we have met and the experiences we have had." - say the creators of "Scent of Lithuania"

We'd love to share with you the composition of this incredible product:

Top note: Bergamot, note of wild flower bouquet, ginger, raspberry, note of red berries, grapefruit

Middle note: Lily of the valley, lilac, rose

Base note: Amber, tree moss, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, note of tree smoke

Bergamot (hybrid of sour orange and citron or lemon)




Lily of the valley






Tree moss


The Scent of Lithuania available on Baltic Value:

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