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Aerosmith in Lithuania invited two local girls on stage to perform together

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Do you like rock songs? We do. This is way yesterday we visited the "Aerosmith" live concert here in Vilnius.

We truly enjoyed it!

And let us share the small story about two Lithuanian girls joining "Aerosmith" on stage to perform the song "Crazy".

The group came to Lithuania few days before the concert and walking through the streets of Vilnius apparently came across two women performing a violin-and-accordion rendition of his 1994 hit, "Crazy," and decided to jump in.

And could you imagine - what a chance appeared to these ladies - they've been invited to perform this song live on the stage with Tyler on 21st of May! We saw it! 

Enjoy the original song "Crazy"  

Here is a snapshot of fans saying goodbye! Foto by D. Umbrasas.

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