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Baltic Value recommends: Onion Soup with Porcinis

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New recipe is coming. Today we share the do it yourself Onion Soup with Porcinis. Let's go.

In Lithuania we call it - Cibulynė su džiovintais baravykais [cibulyne su dziovintais baravykais].

Get: 1-1/2 kilos of onions, 1 stalk of leeks, 1 liter beef stock, few dried porcinis, some thyme, some salt, some black pepper, few allspice bread, choice of cheese!

Chop thin slice onions and leeks. 

Take heavy bottom pot and put little butter and little oil. Add onions.

Saute until they become light brown and shiny (be careful not to burn them).

In a mean time make porcinis stock by boiling them until they become soft.

When your onions almost done put little beef stock and scrape bottom bits,

saute few minutes and add rest of stock.

Drain porcinis, chop them add to the soup. Add liquid from mushrooms too. Put spices and few bay leaves. 

Take all the soup and put into oven for 30 min. ( goes into preheated oven).

In a mean time prepare bread as you see on picture!

To serve soup put it into oven proof bowl and add yours chosen cheese. Broil it until cheese melted.

Time to serve now!

You can put bread on a side or brake in pieces and put on top of cheese!


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