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Recipe of national dish of Lithuania - Kugelis!

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We all have food related memories. My probably biggest one is harvesting potatoes with my family at my aunts! What a celebration it was! All relatives came to help my mamas sisters family to take care of potatoes! Saturday was best time for all of us. Remember working hard in a big potato field 

but after all day work was big reward: aunt Elvyra cooked dinner big dinner for all helpers. And i have to tell You all every dish was made using potatoes! Some year she made vedarai (pigs intestines filled with grated potatoes). Sometime she made cepelinai (potato dumplings stuffed with meat , mushrooms or farmers cheese ( my favorite). My choice always was kugelis (potato gratin). So in memory my aunt Elvyra i am going to share kugelis recipe.

You will be baking in an oven so you need dish that can stand heat (glass clay or metal).

Two kilos of potatoes finely grated (as soon as You grate potatoes put couple vit C tablets prevent potatoes from turning dark)!! Grating it with electric potato grater takes you up to 10 min.

Now You will ask me what kind potatoes - starchy is better!

Mix couple good eggs in! Soutee some onion in a skillet with butter dump in? Boil some milk on a stove and pour into grated potatoes. Some salt, some black pepper and thats it. Butter Yours baking dish and dump everything into it!

Bake in preheated oven 425F or 220C until brown crust forms.Take from oven and let it cool.

While Yours kugelis baking cut bacon in little pieces and soutee in a scillet finishing with chopped onion! That's it!

Now cut few pieces of kugelis cover with sour cream, bacon on a top and enjoy!

This is very simple version of Lithuanian national dish Kugelis!

Until next time Happy cooking. Skanaus! Virginia.

If You have questions, please refer to Baltic Value and I would be more than happy to help You!

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Thank you Virginia!

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